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Shaunna L. Browne Law PLLC
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by Bob on Shaunna L. Browne Law PLLC

Very competent and thorough

My wife filed for divorce claiming fault against me. Shaunna and her staff assured me that the claims would be found to be untrue and not to get myself wrapped up with the false allegations. After that we worked together to find a solution that I could live with. All the possibilities were explained to me and I was able to make a clear rational decision. Shaunna and her staff are true professionals and I would recommend them with confidence to anyone who asked my opinion. Thank you Shaunna and your team as well.
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by Jennifer on Shaunna L. Browne Law PLLC

Knowledgable, Good Heart, Has Your Back, Positive Experience

I would highly recommend anyone going through a contentious divorce reach out to Shaunna, Dorothy and team. From the initial phone consultation, to every interaction start-to-finish (of which there were many), I felt very much put at ease and that I made the right decision in choosing Shaunna over 5 other divorce attorneys in the Manchester, NH-area.
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
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by Bill on Shaunna L. Browne Law PLLC

Professional, prepared, fair and gets results!

I hired Shaunna Browne and her team to defend me and represent me in my difficult divorce which started in 2006 and ended in 2011. I saw first hand how dedicated she is to her clients, as well as, how knowledgeable and more prepared she is then the other side. I have been impressed by the results she's gotten me over the years and I still turn to her seeking advice when it is needed. I am thankful for everything she's done for me and I know the results would've been quite different if I didn't have her on my side. Thank you.
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
Hired attorney

by Fran on Shaunna L. Browne Law PLLC

Professional and Personable

Attorney Browne handled my rather unique divorce situation with complete professionalism and made the entire process completely stress free. I picked Shaunna Browne's firm through an on-line search and am so happy I made the choice I did.

by William on Shaunna L. Browne Law PLLC

Professional. Personable. Aggressive.

I am the “brother-in-law” referenced in another review on this site and can honestly and whole heartedly without any reservation recommend Attorney Browne to anyone going through a divorce, facing custody issues, seeking or fighting against or for parenting plan and/or uniform support order modifications.

Attorney Browne is excellent at it all. As described in the Case Results section of Attorney Brown’s website, my divorce was a two-year roller coaster ride of emotions for my children and me.I am so very pleased with the outcome that Attorney Browne was able to secure for my children and I that to this day Attorney Browne continues to represent me in numerous other post-divorce related matters.You simply cannot go wrong with Attorney Browne.

Detail oriented. Professional. Personable. Passionate. Aggressive.Do yourself a favor. Call Attorney Browne. Make an appointment. Meet with her. See for yourself. You’ll thank me later.

by Diane on Shaunna L. Browne Law PLLC

Attorney Shaunna Browne is Brilliant, Thorough and Gets Things Done!

I was first introduced to Attorney Shaunna Browne during my brother-in-law's complex divorce. I was so impressed during his 2-day court hearing as I witnessed her expertise firsthand. She presented herself as a brilliant attorney who was tough and very thorough. She did a tremendous job with my brother-in-law's case.

I found myself spreading the word about Attorney Browne to my friends and family. Little did I know that I would need her services for my own divorce in late 2016? I hired Attorney Browne without hesitation. I can’t say enough about my positive experience in working with her, and the staff. During such a challenging time in my life, I was always greeted with such professionalism, kindness and compassion. Attorney Browne is an expert in marital law and divorce. She leaves no stone unturned. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my case and highly recommend Attorney Shaunna L. Browne to anyone seeking a divorce. I believe she ranks top in the state.

Southern New Hampshire

by Anonymous on Shaunna L. Browne Law PLLC

Informative and knowledgeable assistance

Attorney Shaunna Browne and her staff provided me with the insight and knowledge that I needed in my post divorce modification matter. Without Attorney Browne and her staff I would not have had the successful outcome that I received. Attorney Browne outlined various options that were available based upon my circumstances while still allowing me to be part of the process. In the end, I have no reservations about my decision to rely upon Attorney Browne's advice. I highly recommend Attorney Browne for any family law issue wherein you may need legal assistance,

by Anonymous on Shaunna L. Browne Law PLLC

Contested Divorce

Attorney Browne handled my divorce. I am so grateful for her and her staff. Divorce is one of the most difficult circumstances a family may have to go through. She and her team recognized this and were very supportive, while also protecting my rights, interest and the interest of the children. She is very knowledgeable, always kept me informed regularly and addressed issues in a timely manner. I would highly recommend her if your looking for an attorney who has experience with handling difficult cases involving children and father's rights.

by Anonymous on Shaunna L. Browne Law PLLC

Shaunna and staff appeared competent and proposed a very aggressive strategy which she seemed confident that we would win. I was pleased by her understanding of family law. However, when we went to court on 3 separate occassions, Shaunna at first seemed distracted and was not as aggressive as she was during prep in her office. Ultimately after about a year of representation, we lost our case on almost all accounts; USO, parenting plan updates, and some contempt charges. Their was heavy reliance on my assistance in court and over 3 times before the judge costly mistakes were made. When I questioned an invoice at the final stages of our efforts, she withdrew as my lawyer with only an email notification and did not see the situation through to its finality. Unfortunately, I would not recommend this lawyer.

by Michael on Shaunna L. Browne Law PLLC

Outstanding service and support

Shaunna and her team worked with me to ensure my divorce was painless and stress free.This review is from a person who hired this attorney.

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