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Mary-Ellen Clifford, Realtor


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Life's lessons can be tough! As a REALTOR I know first hand the importance of having the right representation! I can't thank the entire staff of Shaunna L. Browne's Law Office enough! Not only did you all show me the support and guidance I needed, but you kept my best interest(s) in mind at all times. You were truly amazing! I will forever be grateful!

Katie Sweet


Would highly recommend The law offices of Shaunna Browne. She is an excellent lawyer with an excellent team behind her. They treat you like you are their only client. If you are in need of a divorce don't hesitate to contact them. They are knowledgeable and friendly. So glad I went with them. Can't say enough good things.

Denise Whitney


Atty. Browne is a class act! She handled my divorce with respect, integrity, and professionalism. When push came to shove, she gracefully handled the opposition. It is clear that she is held in high regard and respected my the courts. I walked out of the court room with my head held high because we were honorable throughout the process, even when the opposition got nasty. Thank you Atty. Browne

Mary Settle


I commend Attorney Browne and her legal team for assisting me with my divorce proceedings. Whenever I came into her office, or called with any questions, I was greeted so kindly and was very impressed with the overall professionalism I encountered. I never left her office with any doubts, as I always got detailed answers and explanations to all of my questions. I will always be grateful for her office's support and responsiveness during a very difficult time.

Stephen Shea


Spoke on the phone 3 different times. When I arrived to pay my retainer, I was told she needed to verify the amount of 2500 with an additional 2500 in 30 days was accurate, despite the appointment being to execute that exact agreement. To go further I was also told that she may not even be able to take my case because if the court dates, despite that issue being discussed in detail prior to making an appointment to pay the initial retainer and getting verification that it would be possible for Shauna to have her associate fill in to take my case personally.

William Daniels


When I hired Shaunna and her staff to help me in my divorce back in 2009, they made me feel so at ease about the difficult situation I was facing and I knew my rights would be protected. Shaunna and her staff are extremely professional, knowledgeable, honest and caring. Whenever I need legal advice she is the first person I turn to. I am so thankful for all that she has done for me. I highly recommend her services!

Brian Stone


Shaunna and Mary have been very helpful. Their understanding of the legal process, and strategy, have ensured that I am given the best options to pick from when deciding issues regarding my case.

Caitlin Demet


Shaunna, Dorothy, and their staff were extremely professional and highly efficient. I would highly recommend this team for family law matters!

Bill Ellsworth


I can honestly and whole heartedly without any reservation recommend Attorney Browne to anyone going through a divorce, facing custody issues, seeking or fighting against or for parenting plan and/or uniform support order modifications. Attorney Browne is excellent at it all.

I am so very pleased with the outcome that Attorney Browne was able to secure for my children and I that to this day Attorney Browne continues to represent me in numerous other post-divorce related matters.

You simply cannot go wrong with Attorney Browne. Detail oriented. Professional. Personable. Passionate. Aggressive.

Do yourself a favor. Call Attorney Browne. Make an appointment. Meet with her. See for yourself. You'll thank me later.

Fran Weaver


I found Shaunna Browne's law firm through an on-line search. I certainly feel I picked right! Professional, personable, and only concerned with doing what was right for me! I had an unusual situation, but I felt completely comfortable and that my needs really mattered. I am so happy I chose this law firm!

Katy Hamilton


I cannot thank Shaunna and her team enough. It's difficult to articulate your needs to the other party during a charged divorce; she was an eloquent voice and professional armor when I needed it most.



I tried to save money and handle my divorce by myself.

And I did well until I was no longer emotionally strong enough to do it anymore. The law office of Shaunna L. Browne PLLC. Took all of the stress off my chest, so that I could breath again. They are truly a team that is so helpful, understanding, kind and so easy to work with. I felt good about trying to do it myself, but felt amazingly better once I hired this office.

Thank you Shaunna and Staff!