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Motor Vehicle Offense Lawyers

Motor Vehicle Offense Lawyers Manchester NH

Driving offences in New Hampshire include:

  • Habitual offender
  • Reckless driving
  • Negligent homicide
  • Operating after revocation
  • Speeding
  • Conduct after an accident

Violations. The first level of offense, the most minor ones, are violations. A violation is not considered a crime. The penalties for a violation may include a fine or a license suspension, but no jail time. A violation conviction is not reported on one’s criminal record and won’t have any long-term effects. Common violations are usually things like speeding tickets, littering, and so on.

These are considered minor, but they should still be taken seriously, as they can potentially cause problems down the line. Traffic violations generate “demerit points” which can accumulate over time and eventually cost you your driving privileges.

Misdemeanors. This categories of offenses are also considered minor. They nonetheless imprint a criminal conviction on one’s record, which can affect future employment, admission to college, military service and other occupations.

Misdemeanors of Class A and Class B
There are two levels of misdemeanors:

  • Class B misdemeanors are punished with a fine, maximum of $1,200 plus 24% penalty assessment. This class of misdemeanors have no jail time in state of New Hampshire.
  • Class A misdemeanors can potentially result in up to a year of incarceration, along with a fine of maximum $2,000, plus penalty assessment.

The accumulation of many minor offenses may result in suspension of driving privileges. Multiple major convictions will likely result in the offender being certified as a Habitual Offender.

Expungement of driving record in New Hampshire

If you have driving offenses on your permanent record, it is possible they are eligible for expungement. Consult a lawyer to see if any of your previous offences can be removed or annulled from your record. You would have to file a separate Petition to Annul for each conviction even if they all occurred at the same time and in the same court, but it is worth investing your time into in the long run.

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