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Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO)

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders Lawyers Manchester NH A QDRO is used to divide complicated marital assets, including retirement plans and pension plans. Because these types of plans are unique and complex, dividing them takes time. Typically, a QDRO takes several months, if not more, before it will go into full force and effect.   Additionally, if […]

Unmarried Couples

Unmarried Couples Lawyers in Manchester NH Since our legal system has historically favored the marital union, and encouraged people to get married (by providing tax breaks, automatic inheritance rights, and a host of other incentives to married persons) persons who live together and have children are not afforded the same level of access to the […]

Other Family Related Issues

Divorce, parenting issues and property distribution are not the only reasons you may need the services of my firm’s family law expertise. In some instances parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends or other concerned individuals find themselves in a situation where they need legal services to assist them with visitation, with a guardianship of loved one […]