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Parenting Rights and Responsibilities

In August of 2018, the New Hampshire Legislature revised RSA 461-A, which is titled “Parental Rights and Responsibilities”. The statute is intended to provide the courts and parents with guidance as to how to best address issues relating to children. The purpose of the statute as stated in RSA 461-A:2 is to encourage parents to […]

Modification of Parenting Rights and Responsibilities

Modifications of Parental Rights & Responsibilities A lot of time and effort by both parents is needed to create a parenting plan that will work best for the parents and the children.  The goal should always be to establish a parenting plan that will work for the immediate situation and in the future.  However, as […]


The attorneys at the Law Office of Shaunna L. Browne, PLLC can assist you through the mediation process by providing you with the legal knowledge and assistance that will allow you to make fully informed decisions during the entire mediation process.   It is important that you know your legal rights and responsibilities before executing any […]

Unbundled Services

What Is Limited Representation (Unbundled Services Lawyers)? The New Hampshire Supreme Court has amended certain rules governing attorney representation and duties in divorce cases. Attorneys are now allowed to enter agreements with clients for limited representation (also known as unbundled services) in certain family law matters. Prior to the rule change, attorneys could not provide […]

Prenuptial and/or Postnuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Postnuptial Agreements Lawyers Manchester NH Congratulations on your pending nuptials!   We are just as excited as you are about your pending marriage, however, we are also here to provide you with the insight and advice you need to protect not only your interests, but those of your current and future family. The thought of […]

Grandparent Visitation

Parental rights proceedings, whether resulting from a divorce or an unwed parenting dispute, can affect the grandparents’ ability to visit with their grandchildren. In some cases, grandparents who once enjoyed frequent and positive contact with their grandchildren are deprived of it. In other situations, ongoing contact between the grandparents and the children is not in […]

Guardian Ad Litems

Attorneys Cohen & Winters have helped clients with guardian ad litem (GAL) representation for children in Manchester NH. What Is A Guardian Ad Litem? If the parenting schedule, or the terms, extent or nature of parental rights and responsibilities, are in any way disputed by the parties, the Court may appoint a Guardian Ad Litem […]

Child Support

Child support is fixed by law in New Hampshire, and is for the most part, a mathematical calculation, in which the incomes of both spouses are added together and then after offsetting certain standardized deductions, to include but not limited to mandatory pension, state income taxes, daycare and health insurance expenses, the resulting figure is […]


Alimony Lawyers in Manchester NH The Attorneys at the Law Office of Shaunna Browne, PLLC are ready and willing to provide you with the legal advice you need when you have questions regarding your right to seek and/or your obligation to pay alimony.   In New Hampshire, alimony, also called spousal support, may be awarded by […]

Property Rights

Property Rights Lawyers in Manchester NH Attorney Cohen & Winters have successfully helped clients understand who has rights over property in accordance with New Hampshire law. In addition to dissolving the marital bond and making orders concerning placement of children, courts are also required to identify and distribute the divorcing parties’ interests in the assets […]