Effective September 1, 2021,

Attorney Shaunna L. Browne and the Law Offices of Cohen & Winters are pleased to announce that Attorney Browne has joined the Law Offices of Cohen & Winters in an “of counsel” role. After over twenty years of practicing as a family law attorney, Attorney Browne has decided to retire from the active practice of law. As such, she will no longer be directly involved with the representation of clients, however, this new role will allow Attorney Browne the opportunity to continue to assist clients through direct consultation with the attorneys of Cohen & Winters.

Cohen & Winters is honored to have Attorney Browne join their team in this limited capacity as they believe that Attorney Browne’s extensive knowledge and experience will be of great benefit to the firm’s clients.

Cohen & Winters and Attorney Browne are very excited about this new endeavor and both look forward to working together to provide the best legal representation possible to each and every one of the firm’s family law clients. Cohen & Winters expects to add a Manchester office at this location effective November 1st to serve Manchester area clients.